Your Phone Now Knows How Much Energy The Sun Is Providing


One of the persistent–and persistently annoying–criticisms of solar power is that it can’t work if the sun’s not shining. Yes, indeed, bravo, cogent argument.

SunPower (SPWRA) hasn’t overcome that intrinsic flaw, but it has devised a nifty way for iPhone owners to manage the problem. The company released what appears to be a slick application to monitor energy production and savings from its solar panels installed in customer’s houses. They say this is the first iPhone app of its kind.

If nothing else, it provides cool eye candy for people with SunPower panels installed. It would certainly be an interesting conversation point for anyone with the panels installed. Rather than having to explain what the panels do, they can just whip their phone out.

It won’t stave off the wave of lower priced competitors that are attacking SunPower’s market share, but it will give the company a slight edge in a software battle. And it will also raise awareness of the company, which is good since SunPower positions itself as a premium brand.

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