9 items from Monica's apartment in 'Friends,' and what she would buy to upgrade them in 2019

Warner Bros./Pottery BarnMonica’s coffee table.

“Friends” is celebrating its 25th anniversary in September, marking a quarter-century since one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time came to the little screen.

Even 25 years later, there’s still so much fans celebrate about the show. But one of the most beloved aspects of “Friends” was Monica’s apartment, which every main character except Ross lived in at some point during the series.

Much of the show’s 10 seasons took place in the apartment, and viewers got to know its purple walls well. It was equal parts stylish and cosy, with a vibe that was cohesive in its non-uniformity. The kitchen featured chairs that didn’t match, the throw pillows varied, and Monica even had two different nightstands in her bedroom. Many of her pieces had a vintage vibe as well.

But the apartment was very ’90s, so Monica’s decor would likely be much different if the show took place in 2019. Even her bathtub would have a more modern look.

Here are nine iconic items from Monica’s apartment, and what they might look like today.

Monica’s white couch served as a much needed neutral in the purple living room.

Warner Bros.A cosy blanket was always hung over the back of the couch.

The characters sat on the couch in almost every episode, and its number one feature was that it looked comfortable. The couch’s raised legs helped add space to the room, and it was big enough to fit four people with ease. But the subtle floral pattern is really ’90s, so it would look out of place today.

This West Elm couch takes the best parts of Monica’s couch and elevates it for the modern era.

West ElmWest Elm couches are handmade, so you can get the exact size you want.

This couch is big enough for four and still has height, but it’s raised with bars rather than individual legs for a more chic look. The cushions are inviting and, instead of a floral pattern, have an etched fabric that gives the couch an edge.

Cost:$US1,699-$US2,099 on West Elm

Monica’s coffee table was a staple in her living room, and getting caught putting a drink down without a coaster was an egregious offence.

Warner Bros.The characters were often gathered around Monica’s coffee table.

The simple wooden square table is timeless. Monica probably could’ve still used it in her new home with Chandler and the twins, but it’s also pretty basic. There are modern versions with features that Monica would have loved.

This Pottery Barn table has the same square shape, with a few modern features.

Pottery BarnThe table has two drawers for storage.

This table’s lower shelf and drawer would be a much welcome upgrade for Monica (imagine how many coasters she could fit in those drawers). And it wouldn’t take up too much space – a major benefit since so many people sit in her living room.

You could also get an exact replica of Rachel and Phoebe’s apothecary table if your style is funkier than Monica’s, as it’s part of Pottery Barn’s “Friends” collection.

Cost:$US999 on Pottery Barn

Even Rachel and Ross’s infamous break up can’t detract from this armchair’s beauty.

Warner Bros.The chair actually fit two people comfortably on more than one occasion.

Monica brought colour into her space with throw pillows rather than furniture, opting for a solid white armchair to match her neutral sofa. The cosy chair was the kind you could sink into, and it was critical for ensuring everyone had a seat during gatherings.

This chair isn’t as boxy, but it’s still cosy.

OverstockRaised legs add some sophistication to this chair.

The chair’s clean lines are definitely modern, as are the smaller armrests. But the linen material ensures it’s still comfortable, and it would pair well with the new couch.

Cost:$US285 on Overstock

Monica’s round kitchen table wasn’t bulky, which helped make her dining space look bigger.

Warner Bros.The table was ideal for four people.

Fans of the show often joke about how large Monica’s apartment was, but the kitchen was actually quite small. While her table wasn’t large, it was roomy enough to seat four people. The funky chairs were the most noticeable feature of Monica’s kitchen, but the classic breakfast table looked stylish for the show’s duration.

This extendable table has the same shape as Monica’s, but can fit the whole crew.

IKEAIKEA would have made redecorating Monica’s apartment much simpler.

The table extends to fit six, which would have been a huge help for Monica around the holidays. The white colour also gives it a modern update, as does the clear-lacquer surface.

Cost:$US349 on IKEA

Monica’s chairs changed throughout the series, but the bright yellow and purple seats were arguably the most iconic.

Warner Bros.The whole group really only sat at the table together on holidays.

Monica’s multicoloured kitchen chairs livened up her space, but the floral cushions would look dated today.

These teal chairs bring a pop of colour to a classic shape.

Ashley FurnitureThe hue has the same effect as Monica’s cushions.

These chairs have a vintage look because of the shape, but are paired with a colour that’s on trend for 2019 – making them ideal for Monica’s space. And they’re made of real wood, so you know they’d last through another 10 seasons.

Cost:$US138.93 for a set of two on Amazon

We didn’t see Monica’s bedroom that often, but her simple bed frame showed that her style was consistent throughout the apartment.

Warner Bros.Monica opted for neutrals in most of her furniture.

The distressed headboard gave Monica’s bedroom a rustic and feminine vibe, and her floral bedspread added to the effect.

This wire frame is a shift from Monica’s original, but it has the same vibe.

AnthropologieThe white colour keeps the piece in line with Monica’s love of neutrals.

Monica’s frame felt retro because of the distressed wood, but the art deco design of this option creates the same effect in a fresher way. Plus, the open design can help make the space feel bigger, which would be helpful the next time a Ross and Rachel breakup forces the rest of the group to stay in the bedroom for hours on end.

Cost:$US1,298-$US1,598 on Anthropologie

You might not have paid much attention to Monica’s nightstand when the gang was trapped in her bedroom, but the pop of green brought some colour to the room.

Warner BrothersLike in her kitchen, Monica used different but complementary pieces to tie her space together.

Both of Monica’s nightstands have the same distressed look as the headboard, but the green one incorporates colour and compliments the floral bedspread.

This funky nightstand still brings in colour, but the curved design feels more modern.

OverstockThe curves would also look good next to the new bed frame.

Overstock describes this nightstand as “shabby chic,” which is Monica’s aesthetic in a nutshell. The colour gives a nod to her bedside table, but the tall shape and drawer space adds a little something extra.

Cost:$US130 on Overstock

Monica had the perfect tub for long, relaxing bubble baths.

Warner Bros.Monica’s tub was a New Yorker’s dream come true.

The old-fashioned tub added to the vintage feel of Monica’s apartment, and the gold faucets were a highlight.

This rounded bathtub gets a modern upgrade with the high faucet and striped rim.

This tub is freestanding like Monica’s and has the same rounded shape. But the flat rim makes it contemporary, as does the raised faucet.

Cost:$US690 on Home Depot

And of course, Monica’s “Jouets” poster stood out in every episode.

Warner Bros.‘Jouets’ means toys in French.

The poster was a focal point in the living room, with the colours tying the whole space together. You can actually still buy replicas of it today, but there are modern wall hangings that might suit Monica better in 2019.

A modern Monica might opt for a tapestry.

Urban OutfittersThis floral pattern is eye-catching.

A tapestry would be a focal point of the living room and still tie all the colours of the space together. It’s a modern take on wall decor.

Cost:$US64 on Urban Outfitters

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