Monica Noel Is Extremely Nice To The Help


We came across an interesting 1996 document, “Tavares v. Monica and Walter Noel,” from the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission site. It seems that someone in the Noels’ employ, Joaquin Tavares, “a native of Brazil” who “did not have any legal documents, such as a green card,” whose work included “chauffeuring, gardening, and other household duties” was injured.

Again, though the Noels may not be rich, as they’d like you to know, they are nice to the help.

The claimant injured his back on May 13, 1992 while lifting planter boxes at the employer’s residence. Several days following the accident, Monica Noel took the claimant to the emergency room due to his back pain, where he was prescribed muscle relaxants. Subsequently, on May 28, 1992, Monica Noel brought the claimant to Dr. Kavanaugh, who prescribed additional medication and bed rest. In June of 1992, Monica Noel accompanied the claimant to the hospital, and on June 25, 1992 he underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc. Upon discharge from the hospital, the employer allowed the claimant to recuperate at their home for one month, during which time he was provided room and board.

However, then there’s this.

The employer argues on appeal that (1) the claimant does not have standing because he is an illegal alien;

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