Monica Lewinsky is giving a TED talk

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is continuing her post-scandal career with a TED talk later this month.

Lewinsky, who gained international infamy due to her affair with former President Bill Clinton, is scheduled to speak at TED 2015 Truth and Dare in Vancouver, Canada on March 19.

After a lengthy absence from the public eye, Lewinsky began remaking herself as an anti-bullying activist last year. Her biography on the TED website touts her experience surviving the scandal and becoming a “social activist.”

“Monica Lewinsky advocates for a safer and more compassionate social media environment, drawing from her unique experiences at the epicentre of a media maelstrom in 1998,” the biography says.

Lewinsky’s gave her first major public speech on anti-bullying activism last October at the Forbes Under 30 Summit. In that address, Lewinsky described herself as the first person to become the focus of a media circus in the modern, digital landscape.

“I went from being a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one. I was patient zero,” Lewinsky said.

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