WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Most Important People In Moneyball

Oakland A's


Michael Lewis‘ film adaptation of Moneyball¬†hits film screens nationwide this weekend.Moneyball follows the story of the small-market Oakland Athletics and their rise to baseball power using an underutilized statistics-driven formula to make up for the team’s small budget, led by their maniacal general manager, Billy Beane.

It’s been eight years since Lewis’ non-fiction work was published. The book highlighted a number of key figures, many of whom were still youngsters breaking into the minor leagues.

A lot has happened in eight years. Some lived up to the hype. Some were never heard from again.

Billy Beane is still the Oakland Athletics' General Manager and now a minority owner

Beane, set to conclude his 14th season as Oakland's General Manager, received a small portion of the team's ownership in 2005. Despite enjoying the type of unexpected success that inspires its own book -- and a movie -- the A's have reached the playoffs just once since 2003. For the first time in years, Beane is rumoured to be considering other general manager positions.

Paul DePodesta is now the New York Mets VP of Scouting

One of the sabremetric philosophy's early adopters, DePodesta, the A's former assistant general manager, landed the Los Angeles Dodgers GM job at the ripe age of 31. But owner Frank McCourt fired him after just two seasons, citing the team's lack of success.

Art Howe is now a Houston Astros baseball analyst

Despite reaching the post-season three consecutive years as the A's manager, Beane released Howe from his contract. Howe quickly signed a lucrative managerial deal with the New York Mets. But the relationship didn't fare well. Howe lasted just two seasons before getting fired.

Ron Washington is now the manager of the Texas Rangers

An A's infield coach until 2006, Washington was credited for developing talented youngsters like Eric Chavez and Miguel Tejada, and turning former catcher Scott Hatteberg into a serviceable first baseman. Washington left Oakland for the Rangers managerial position and quickly led them to their first ever World Series appearance in 2010.

Scott Hatteberg is back with the A's in a front office role

Michael Lewis devoted an entire chapter to the catcher turned first baseman. Hatteberg possessed a skill Beane coveted -- high on-base percentage. After four seasons and two playoff appearances with the A's, Hatteberg spent three seasons with the Cincinnati Reds. He finished with a career .361 on-base percentage. He has since returned to Oakland, serving in various capacities like on-field instruction and amateur scouting.

Chad Bradford is a high school baseball coach

Bradford's unconventional, submarine-style pitching made him a Beane-favourite. The right-handed specialist spent four seasons with Oakland before being traded to Boston in 2005. He bounced around in the bullpen with various teams until retiring in 2009. He now coaches his son in Mississippi.

Nick Swisher is a New York Yankees outfielder

Jeremy Brown retired from baseball with three career major league hits

Kevin Youkilis is a Boston Red Sox third baseman

Moneyball hopes to buck an all-too-familiar sports movie trend

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