Money Manager Jeffrey Epstein Had A Weird Sense Of humour About Underage Sex

jeffrey epstein

Jeffrey Epstein is getting beat up in the press lately for getting off pedophilia charges with just a house arrest that is now ended.

Now he’s also accused of living in a “sex den” and of having, according to The Daily Beast:

— Nude images of young girls scattered around the house

— Bathroom soap shaped like sex organs

— Staff troll for fresh recruits to make sure Epstein had two or three massage appointments each day

So maybe his house was “a sex den.” But his friends defend Epstein’s behaviour by saying that it’s more eccentric and weird than illegal, and there’s a small chance they might be right.

According to the Daily Beast, his friends insist:

They insist that his sexual habits, although obsessive and unusual, were mostly legal and essentially harmless. As the police records attest, the girls brought to El Brillo Way were routinely told they could “say no” at any time during a massage.

There’s more to this argument that Epstein was just weirdly obsessed massages.

Epstein also gave $100,000 to the Florida Ballet for massages, because he was “very passionate” about massages being “therapeutically and spiritually” beneficial.

And here’s the most subjective, but possibly the most obvious evidence that Epstein’s friends, who think that he’s just a strange guy, are onto something:

His maid was upset that there was photo of Epstein with the pope hung next to one of him with a young girl.

It’s not like lawyers can bring this up in court but, come on now. There’s something that is so strange about placing a photo of a young girl, next to you, next to a photo of the pope that we can’t quite put our finger on it. A sea of connotations (pedophilia, Catholics, young boys, God, sin, right, wrong, transubstantiation, forgiveness) floods forth from those two photos.

It’s like he’s trying to be funny, but he’s so narcissistic, that he can’t see how sick it is.

This is why Epstein’s friends might be right: His weird sense of humour says everything. He knew well that he liked young girls and that it wasn’t normal. He knew that the pope was getting heat for acts of pedophilia allegedly oc curing within the Catholic church. So Epstein places the photos next to each other, seemingly aware of their similarities. Yet he also draws a distinct line between them. Two frames split the images in half.

So at the same time that Epstein parts a red sea of sin, he says “judge not lest you be judged.”

And now he’s accused of a large number of acts of pedophilia. Prison would have destroyed him, like it does most accused pedophiles.

So maybe a few years of being alone and looking at all of his illicit photos, body part-shaped soaps, and staring at himself next to the pope, next to a young girl, next to him, will help him. That sense of humour sure isn’t doing him any favours.

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