BIG MONEY IN POLITICS: Meet the billionaire donors shaping the 2020 presidential election

Both President Trump and former Vice President Biden have solicited donations from the three comma club. Tom Pennington/Getty Images; SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

The countdown to Election Day 2020 is in the double digits, and the stakes have never seemed higher.

The United States has fallen behind on its battle against the coronavirus pandemic, tech companies have become the newest front of growing tensions with China, and more than 55 million Americans lost their jobs in the last 20 weeks.

Though every American citizen will have the opportunity to have their say in the ballot box about who should occupy the White House next year, some ultrawealthy Americans have been using their fortunes to sway the outcome for years. During this election cycle, American billionaires have given millions to campaigns, organised get out the vote efforts, and undertaken major advertising efforts.

Keep reading to learn more about how the three-comma-club had influenced the 2020 election.

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