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The folks at XKCD have put together an amazing chart of money facts.It’s humongous, and you could spend hours looking at it.

You should definitely do that!

In the meantime, here are some highlights.

This is what the chart looks like. You can see why you can spend hours looking at it.

Everything's in 2011 dollars...

For example: Colonel Steve Austin would cost a lot more to fix today than he did in his 1970s TV show. (But we can rebuild him!)

And all those famous prizes are worth more than you think after adjusting for inflation.

And now on to today... The cost of your smartphone (hardware not included)

The cost of Wikipedia

The average value of a pound of loose change

The same pound with no pennies

The same pound with no quarters

And here's what all those pennies you get in change every year are worth...

The cost of various dinners for four. (Arby's is quite the bargain!)

San Francisco restaurants = 2X+ the national average

...And that righthand column is TWO THIRDS of average CEO pay in 2007 (our screen wasn't big enough to fit the whole thing).

The average household takes home $104 per day, after tax.

It costs $35 a year to own a fish.

And $200 a year to own a bird.

And $670 a year to own a cat.

And $695 a year to own a dog.

And $730 a year to own a rabbit. (Why so much to own a rabbit?)

It costs $92,000 to own a Porsche for 5 years, not including the car.

If you save $1,000 a year for 30 years and earn a 5% annual return, you'll end up with $66,000. Inflation will have consumed the value of most of the gain.

Kate Middleton's wedding cake cost $78,000

Her dress cost $350,000

Her flowers cost $800,000.

But none of those things came close to the cost of security: $20 million. (The whole wedding was a bargain at $80).

It only costs $8,604 a year to live in Scranton.

It costs $3,650 a year to own a car.

And $5,650 a year to eat.

No wonder the average household has nearly $10,000 of credit card debt

And pays $2,100 a year to carry that debt.

A pack a day costs $3,050 a year

And treating the cancer you might get from smoking it will cost $117,000

The average household is worth a lot less now than it was in 1984. Except for older households.

And if you're rich, it will cost you $303,000 to raise a kid.

We're just getting started. Check back later for more...

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