11 Common Money Excuses Boiled Down To One Terrible Philosophy

If you’re not as wealthy or financially secure as you’d hoped to be at this point, what’s holding you back from your money goals? Chances are, it’s you.

In new book “Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of Your Money,” Alexa von Tobel, the founder and CEO of personal finance website LearnVest, details the wide range of money excuses many of us make to avoid saving for retirement. They are:

1. “I can’t afford it.”

2. “I’m young. There’s plenty of time to save for retirement later.”

3. “When I get married someday, I won’t have to worry about money.”

4. “What about Social Security? I’ll just live off that when I retire.”

5. “I deserve to have fun with my money today — I work hard for it.”

6. “An inheritance is coming my way someday.”

7. “The market is down, so why bother to invest in a retirement account?”

8. “I’ll start saving when the market improves.”

9. “I’ll be able to use the equity in my home to retire.”

10. “I need to get my kids through college first, and then I can focus on my retirement.”

11. “I plan to keep working even during retirement.”

These excuses have a common theme. They can be boiled down to one terrible money philosophy that many of us share: “I’ll deal with it later.”

But saving money, and for retirement especially, is not a future goal so much as a routine practice. What you do today is really all that matters and is certainly within your control more than your circumstances will be when you eventually retire.

So if you’re making a New Year’s resolution this year, consider this one: Stop making excuses, and start saving today.

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