Here's what diners think about the new 'bleeding' veggie burger at Momofuku

Momofuku Nishi Impossible BurgerImpossible FoodThis is a veggie burger.

Impossible Foods, a startup that reportedly raised about $180 million
, created meat in a lab.
Now, this plant-based “meat” is making its way from lab to table, as it’s debuting at New York restaurant Momofuku Nishi in burger form.

Called the Impossible Burger, it is touted as a veggie burger that bleeds.

The burger debuted today, and people are lining up to get it.

Here’s what they have to say:

“Good texture, average tasting, but closest veggie approx to meat.”

“We loved it!”

“Tastes… like an average burger. Patty a little too thin and they overwhelmed it with sauce/toppings.”

 “We’ve finally done it: vegetarian meat as good as the real thing. Pretty exciting.”

“Mmmmmm what a bloody good burger.” “It’s truly shocking how good it is.” 


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