mum Takes Out Life Insurance On 23-Year-Old Daughter As Protection From Loan Debt

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Photo: Flickr / CarbonNYC

A mother took out life insurance on her 23-year-old daughter so she wouldn’t be stuck paying student loans if something happened to her.Marlene Griffith, a preschool teacher from Ohio, was featured in Andrew Martin and Andrew Lehren’s New York Times piece on loan debt.

Griffith’s daughter, Kelsey, owes $120,000 in student loans. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Ohio Northern University.

“If anything happened, God forbid, this is my debt also,” Marlene told the Times.

For now, Kelsey is working two waitressesing jobs and living with her parents.

The family of Christopher Bryski, a dead college student, petitioned KeyBank to forgive the $30,000 of debt their son owed and they cosigned.

They were recently successful, Bryski’s brother, Ryan told us.

The Christopher Bryski Student Loan Protection Act has been introduced to Congress and would more clearly define expectations for parents who cosigned.

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