That Moleskine Notebook From Your Year Abroad Is Now An iPad App


Photo: Flickr user Jason Tavares

Moleskine, the maker of the pretty, popular and supposedly historic notebooks, just came out with a note-taking iPad app.Bottomline: the app is beautiful, but can be frustratingly confusing.

(Kind of like that girl you wrote about in your actual Moleskine during your study abroad in college! –ed.)

Also of note: Moleskine recently raised a big round from Index Venture, the top internet VC in Europe. So look for more interesting internet/mobile plays from the company.

Here's what it looks like when the app starts up. Gorgeous on an iPad screen.

Perhaps knowing their app can be confusing, the Moleskine people start things off with a small howto

It's not especially helpful, however

The app comes pre-loaded with a history of Moleskine notebooks, which is good marketing.

Ok, let's start a new note.

When you do, the app asks you to categorize it instead of taking you straight to it--annoying.

After a few tries, we figured out that double tapping lets you enter text.

Tapping (not swiping, as we initially thought) the bottom right hand corner brings up this pretty options menu

More fiddling around lets you sketch with your fingers. Aren't we artistic?

This showed up unexpectedly, and we didn't know what to make of it. We tapped the little X as fast as possible.

Dragging and resizing your image is quite intuitive

Move your image around wherever you would like.


We have no idea what this is, but it happened.

Here's our final product. Let's say it was, ah, artistic.

The bottomline

The Bad:

  • The app is just really confusing to get started with.

The Good:

  • The app is really pretty.
  • Once you get past the initial confusion, we're sure it can actually be useful.

The Ugly:

  • This app isn't meant to compete with the best note taking apps, especially Evernote, it's meant to help sell more Moleskine notebooks; but the problem is that it does. People have to be using this app for it to lead to incremental sales. And there are plenty of note taking apps for mobile devices, and Moleskine is going to have to do better than this to stick.

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