Check Out This Startup Office: An Amazing 3-Level Apartment (PHOTO TOUR)

Mojiva tour slide

Many tech companies got their start in someone’s home — often the house belonging to one of the founders, or at least their parents.

Mojiva, a New York-based mobile advertising startup, has taken a slightly different approach.

The company’s main office is a 3-level luxury apartment — furnished with beds, showers, and all — in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighbourhood.

It’s bright, airy, and even helps save on expensive NYC hotel bills when executives are visiting from out of town.

What, your company doesn’t have meetings in a bed?

We start in NYC's Chinatown, where Mojiva's offices are located

A beautiful brick building

And on the ground floor, a glass door leads to Mojiva's office

There's Mojiva founder and CEO David Gwozdz, a DoubleClick vet, chatting up our tour guide, PR guy Gerasimos Manolatos

But this is no typical office... because it's an apartment! Here, the entryway with artwork and seating.

The living room

Working on one side of the dining room table, here's Julie Preis, VP of Product at Mojiva and a mobile industry veteran

Quint Newell, regional sales manager, takes up the other side of the dining room table

And look at that kitchen!

Office manager Christina Grandinetti has the best seat, with plenty of natural light coming in from the windows

Let's head downstairs and meet more of the team

It's some desks... and a pool table!

Dejanelle Bellejambe is Mojiva's marketing coordinator

Leon Latypov, tech support analyst and Steve Anson, business development director, reviewing competitors' business plans

CTO Krish Arvapally wasn't around, but here's his desk!

Craig Hooper, Ad Ops Analyst

Matt Parness, Ad Ops Manager, lurks in the shadows

OK, let's head back upstairs

There's CEO Gwozdz wheeling and dealing. We'll talk to him later.

Bike friendly!

Big ideas...

Around the corner mirror

OK, let's head upstairs to the third level

Here's where it really starts feeling like an apartment... a kitchenette

Does your office have this shower?

One of the bedrooms... a meeting area on one side...

...and a bed on the other! That's one way to cut down on pricey NYC hotel bills.

What, your company doesn't have meetings in a bed?

Another shower

Meeting space

This one has a tub!

And of course, someone's doing laundry

Sleeping bag and other survival items

And, back downstairs, some Angry Birds!

Candles, steamer, football, the typical office accoutrements

Sam Laakso, infrastructure systems engineer, grabs a slice of pizza in the living room

Now it's CEO Gwozdz's turn to show us all the beer in the fridge

A mini keg!

And wine (and hard stuff for the rough days)


BTW, Mojiva's ad network is around 100 million monthly uniques, up from about 35 million in late 2010. It's also seeing big growth from Mocean Mobile, its mobile ad server subsidiary.

This clock is correct twice a day

Mojiva is past 50 employees, and has hired execs away from Google/AdMob and Microsoft

And now it's time to chat with David Gwozdz. See you next time!

More office photo tours...

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