Man Seeking UK Visa Marriage Could Not Remember His Future Wife’s Name

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When Mojeed Bello, an illegal immigrant from Nigeria living in the UK, was asked by a priest about the name of his future bride, Bello was stumped.Instead, reports The Telegraph, Bello was only able to say that the woman he was hoping to marry was “big, black and liked smoking and chicken burgers”.

The lack of romance led the priest, Robert Simpson, to suspect Bello was not in love with his future wife, Dutch national Carina Merselina.

Simpson reported the marriage to police who investigated. Bello later confessed he had met Bello at a music festival in Holland and agreed to pay her £3,000 ($4,952) to marry him.

Bello has been sentenced to 14 months and Merselina for a year, reports the Daily Mail.

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