This Mexican chain requires every worker to do one thing when they apply for a job -- and it goes all the way up to the president

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderMoe’s Southwest Grill’s president, Bruce Schroder, showed up to Business Insider’s offices wearing taco socks.
  • Entering a Moe’s Southwest Grill, customers are greeted with a hearty “Welcome to Moe’s!”
  • People seeking jobs at Moe’s actually have to yell the catchphrase as part of their application process.
  • “You have to have the courage and be kooky enough to not feel self-conscious,” Moe’s President Bruce Schroder told Business Insider.

Anyone who has visited Moe’s Southwest Grill knows the chain’s iconic greeting: “Welcome to Moe’s!”

However, few customers realise how baked into the chain’s structure the catchphrase is.

According to Moe’s President Bruce Schroder, every applicant is asked to give their best “Welcome to Moe’s” as part of their job interview to work at the fast-casual chain.

“‘Welcome to Moe’s’ seems like it’s a small thing,” Schroder told Business Insider. “It’s a huge thing.”

He continued: “The challenge for us is, we set this bar now. Ninety-one per cent of the time, we say, ‘Welcome to Moe’s.’ So if you walk in and you don’t get it, you’re disappointed.”

Moe’s culture, built from entry-level employees up to management, is essential in setting the chain apart from the competition, according to Schroder. Moe’s – which stands for “Musicians Outlaws and Entertainers” – has attempted to infuse its business with a quirky, offbeat attitude.

Bruce Schroeder Moe's Southwest Grill PresidentHollis Johnson/Business InsiderBruce Schroder.

The menu is stuffed with pop culture references, with items like the “Joey Bag of Doughnuts” burrito and the “Alright Alright Alright” nachos. Moe’s recently put out a call for “Chief Taco Officer” applicants. Schroder himself showed up to an interview in Business Insider’s offices wearing taco socks and a shirt that says “Less Feelings, More Tacos.”

With that in mind, it makes sense that yelling “Welcome to Moe’s” is a job requirement.

“You have to have the courage and be kooky enough to not feel self-conscious,” Schroder said.

It’s an attitude that extends to the chain’s leadership.

“My first day on the job,” Schroder said, “I came into the building, came off the elevator, and they all yelled ‘Welcome to Moe’s’ at me.”

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