OFFICE TOUR: Here Is What A Recording Music Startup Looks Like

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Once a music destination for punk and rock ‘n’ roll, the Lower East Side in Manhattan has much changed from its musical heydays in the 1960s and 1970s.

But one music startup has recently moved in the area to revive the spirit of this New York City neighbourhood.

Modern Vintage Records, and its associated companies – The Outlet, and Effective Immediately Public Relation (EiPR) – work out of a shared office space with their partner and studio space provider The Cutting Room. 

Click here to check out Modern Vintage at The Cutting Room >

Modern Vintage and its companies were founded by a duo — Patrick Ermlich, the former studio manager at the Cutting Room, and Eshy Gazit, an Israeli musician who was the bassist in Gaya. The two met in New York four years ago working on a music project, hit it off, and then started working together as producers for local artists. 

As their production business expanded, they began to consider how to best serve the growing music community that they were involved with in the Lower East Side. realising that members of the community needed tailored services to meet different needs, they developed three different companies or brands. Modern Vintage Records provides more traditional record label services. The Outlet allows musicians to select from a variety of services in areas where they might need help, song-writing, production, booking, publicity, and more. Their newest venture, EiPR will focus on boutique public relations services for higher profile emerging artists.

For their next steps Patrick and Eshy want to grow the businesses they have, but also are open to further expansion. As Eshy explained, “The music business is changing and the environment is changing, as artists turned businessmen we are constantly looking to see what is missing in the artistic community and how we can create businesses to fill those gaps.” In the meantime, they have their work cut out with their current ventures.

First find 14 E. 4th St.

The building is very unassuming.

But as you approach their door you can start to see this space is a little different.

It becomes very clear this no unassuming room when you walk in the door.

Tasteful furnishings and look, there is an actual artist in the corner.

Eshy, Patrick and Lily (right to left), discuss the day's work in the main area.

This is the crew for a French Reality TV show, they also do some work in the space.

The Cutting Room used to produce a lot of hip hop artists, though Patrich began to move the company towards more singer-songwriters while he was working there.

Our first stop was the studio, in the recording room is Modern Vintage artist Misty Boyce.

The sound technician rests his hand during a take.

Levels must be carefully monitored.

There is a dizzying array of controls.

And it wouldn't be a studio without some musical instruments.

Misty Boyce in session.

Her hands deftly glide along the piano keys.

Mics are crucial.

Back in the office, Veronica Cooper, part of the EiPR team, is hard at work.

The walls are lined with music-themed art.

Some cool looking guitars.

The team behind Modern Vintage, The Outlet and EiPR.

After our tour it is back to work.

From the windows a nice view of the LES, where they are cultivating their music empire.

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