18 things every modern gentleman should have in his closet

You’ve accumulated clothes over the years. You may have some favourite pieces, as well as some you’d never let go.

But do you have the right pieces? The essentials? The pieces no wardrobe should be without?

It’s probably time to take stock of your wardrobe to make sure.

Don’t get caught in the rain without a raincoat (literally).

If you wear a suit every day, you should have at least two suits.

Suit Supply suits $499 - $599

A navy and a charcoal suit will take you everywhere you need to go.

The two pictured here are from one of our favourite suit suppliers, SuitSupply and go for around $US500. For the savvy shopper that already knows his sizing, online suit makers like Indochino, Alton Lane, and others make it super easy.

Of course, two is not a limit -- just a good base to built a full suit wardrobe.

A white dress shirt for the most formal occasions.

Thomas Pink Quintessential Plain Slim Fit Button Cuff Shirt ($185)

A white shirt is absolutely essential for when you need to look clean and pressed.

The pictured brand is Thomas Pink, but you should find a shirt and fit that works for you. Online services like Stantt, Shirtcycle, and Combatant Gentleman makes it super easy to do.

A pale blue dress shirt for your less formal occasions.

Thomas Pink Quintessential Plain Slim Fit Button Cuff Shirt ($185)

Similar to the white one, this shirt will likely be the workhorse of your weekday wardrobe.

A topcoat to go over your suits in the colder months.

Theory Whyte Wool Overcoat ($1,095)

For the colder months, a wool top coat will perfectly go over your suits.

This camel version by Theory is great choice, but navy is more versatile.

And a trench coat for the rainier months.

Burberry Heritage Trench Coat ($1,895)

When wool is too warm, move to the trench. It's military-inspired good looks will take you straight through the rainiest months with aplomb.

Burberry's is the classic option.

A cashmere sweater is perfect for layering in colder months.

J Crew Cashmere V Neck Sweater ($225)

Get one in a neutral colour that goes with your suits and shirts, like navy.

If cashmere isn't in your budget, cotton-cashmere offers many of the same benefits.

Pictured is J Crew's version, but as long as the cashmere is quality your favourite brand should work just as well.

A pair of brown dress shoes.

Allen Edmonds Strand ($385)

Branch out to other colours and styles later, but for now get a brown shoe you can wear everywhere that will go with your suits.

Allen Edmonds makes a fantastic starter pair. Up the ladder, there's Alden, Grenson, Paul Evans and Crockett and Jones. For guys who dig customisation, Awl and Sundry can make a shoe to your exact specifications.

And a belt that matches.

Allen Edmonds Wide Basic Dress Belt ($98)

Allen Edmonds also makes belts that match perfectly with their shoes.

An expensive, impressive watch that can be both dressed up and dressed down.

Jaeger-Lecoultre Master ($11,100)

This one may be a bit controversial, as many men aren't wearing watches these days. But they should be! A well-chosen watch can complete an outfit, and a suit without a watch is like a pair of pants without a belt. It needs it.

There are hundreds of options to suit every taste. The watch pictured is the high-end Jaeger-LeCoultre Master, but a number of brands make a range of suitable models hitting all price points, including Orient, Tissot, Hamilton, Omega, Citizen, and Tag Heuer.

A navy blazer is more useful than you may think.

J Crew Ludlow Club Blazer in Italian Wool ($425)

A blazer can class up any outfit that it matches. You'll definitely wear it more than you think you might (or even more).

J Crew's option is a great choice, but you may opt for one without gold buttons. While classic, they come off a bit dated.

A casual button up shirt.

Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Regent Fit Oxford Sport Shirt ($92)

The options here are boundless. Both Oxford and broadcloth are highly versatile and can be worth either under blazers or on their own.

J Crew makes the best casual broadcloth, which they call 'secret wash,' while Brooks Brother's Oxford cloth shirts are legendary and stand in a class of their own.

Another great casual option is the ubiquitous polo shirt.

It's another piece that looks classier than a T-shirt, but is just as easy to wear.

Polo Ralph Lauren makes the iconic version, but pretty much everyone makes one nowadays -- even Uniqlo.

A pair of casual chinos.

Brooks Brothers Milano Fit Garment-Dyed Chinos ($98)

For that grey area of formality, chinos are perfect. Wear them with a polo for a casual look, or a button up and blazer to dress it up.

These slim-fit garment-dyed Brooks Brothers chinos are a good choice, but we recommend putting the effort into finding a pair that will fit your particular body and budget.

A pair of dark denim jeans.

Rogue Territory SK 11 oz ($220)

You don't have to be denimhead to appreciate the clean aesthetic of a dark denim. Dressed up or down, they're always clean and a well-made pair will have your back in all casual environments for years to come.

Originally you could only get a pair from reproduction companies in Japan, but in recent years American companies, like the pictured Rogue Territory, have sprouted up in response to increased demand.

Then again, there's nothing wrong with the standard Levi's.

A high-quality T-shirt that fits perfectly.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt ($13)

This one is non-negotiable. Even if you don't see yourself as a type of guy that wears a t-shirt casually, some situations just call for being comfortable.

And white is the most versatile colour there is, but this is no undershirt.

This is another case of finding one that works for your body type. Ones to try include the pictured Uniqlo, American Apparel, and even Target's Mossimo brand.

A pair of boots for after work drinks.

Clarks Desert Boots ($130)

Every man needs a pair of super-versatile shoes that look neither dressed up nor casual. They fill that nebulous space between dress shoes and sneakers.

Many guys' go-to is Clark's ever-popular Desert Boot, but there are plenty of more expensive options.

A pair of weekend casual sneakers.

New Balance 998 ($160)

Sneakers are more acceptable in more places than ever before. Wear them all weekend, and give your dress shoes a rest.

There are a ton of great options from New Balance, Nike, and Adidas.

A super comfortable sweatshirt.

American Apparel Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt ($48)

Every guy should have a sweatshirt in his closet. Exclusively for those lazy laundry Sundays, the soft fleece is your reward for making it through another week of the suit and tie.

American Apparel makes one of our favourites.

Now see what you need for your bathroom.

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