Someone made a trailer for 'Fuller House' that reflects modern-day San Francisco

“Fuller House,” the reboot of the iconic 1990s ABC sitcom, “Full House” just hit Netflix Friday.

The new show promises to carry fans of the original series on a trip to the past, of sorts. The reboot stars most of the original cast, save for a couple of major characters.

The original show was set in a 1990s San Francisco.

It goes without saying that today’s San Francisco is quite a bit different. Al Jazeera’s AJ+ made its own “Full House” opening theme that highlights the “real,” modern-day San Francisco.

The trailer, called “Unaffordable House,” errs on the side of dystopian parody, rather than nostalgia. In it, the original “Full House” theme song plays underneath visuals of “regular” San Franciscans, and the credits are replaced with titles like:

“Starring Rising House Prices”

1990 property values …

… and today’s

You get it. You can watch the full trailer here:

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