The internet is going nuts again over a model who seemingly eyed players during the NBA Finals

Model Roni Rose went viral and gained hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers during the NBA Finals after cameras caught the Warriors fan eyeing Stephen Curry from the stands.

The internet had a field day with the image:


After the Cavaliers won Game 7 Sunday night, cameras again caught Rose in the stands — but this time seemingly eyeing Kyrie Irving, who made the game-winning shot.

This time, Rose was not having it.

She posted on Instagram: “Let just address this!! I went to 55 games this year 5 of them were away. I’m a die hard fan. So I’ll be there next year sitting in the seats right In front of me. I did my part as a fan! I witnessed records break and enjoyed many wins, the most of any team this year actually. I don’t regret a single moment!!! Go warriors!!!!!”

Rose, a self-proclaimed “mummy/ dancer/ model/ hustler,” indeed has been a huge Warriors fan for as far back as her popular Instagram page goes.


After the photo of Rose eyeing Curry went viral, the Warriors’ star’s wife, Ayesha, was the first to come to Rose’s defence. 


Rose’s mum previously set the record straight via Instagram.

She explained after the viral Game Two photo that her daughter was “sitting next to her lovely boyfriend” who has “season tickets.”

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