Mochila Partners With Clickability: Syndicate Content, Grow Revenue


New York-based online media marketplace Mochila announced a partnership with Clickability, an SF-based content management system vendor. The partnership will enable Clickability’s publishing clients to both buy and syndicate content. 

Under the terms of the deal, Clickability clients will be able to syndicate content to other publishers and earn money by using Mochila’s AdMatch program. With AdMatch, clients earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the content integrated into their sites. Publishers can also licence their content to other Web sites for a one-time fee.  AdMatch ads are provided from Mochila’s ad network partners, 24/7, Quigo and Tacoda.

Mochila’s Marketplace offers millions of articles, photos and videos from some of the largest, most-recognised media brands. Content providers include The Associated Press, Getty Images and Hearst Magazines.