Mochila Adds Citizen Image


Mochila, the NY-based media marketplace, will now distribute content from image agency Citizen Image, which specialises in amateur photography. It’s one of a flurry of deals for Mochila, which sold a stake last month to the Belo (BLC) newspaper chain. Press release excerpts after jump.

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Industry Leader in Image Syndication to Benefit from Mochila’s AdMatch Program

New York, NY- October 2, 2007- Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for print, video, and photo content, today announced that web-based citizen photojournalist agency Citizen Image™ will serve as their latest content provider.  Citizen Image will be participating in Mochila’s unique AdMatch program, which allows web publishers to buy and syndicate content for free and earn a percentage of the advertising revenue that accompanies the content. 

…Citizen Image works with leading media outlets worldwide such as Mochila with their user generated content editorial images. Given that the Mochila library has consisted primarily of content from professional sources, their distinctive AdMatch program will offer a unique distribution channel for photographers of all levels to share and monetise their user generated content featuring news, sports and entertainment, as well as travel and daily life content.

Publishers using Mochila’s AdMatch can present a mix of video, text and still photos via the player which supports all forms of banner ads, interstitial ads, pre- and post-roll video advertising. Mochila’s publishing tools and content multi-media player have a uniquely powerful opportunity to create compelling ad-supported slide shows for free and share in the advertising revenue.

This latest deal expands Mochila’s network of buyers and sellers of photos, video and text, with a growing roster of global media companies such as Associated Press, The Financial Times and Washington Post.