Moby might be involved with the next season of 'Twin Peaks'

Twin peaksShowtime‘Twin Peaks.’

The cast list for the upcoming season of “Twin Peaks” was announced in April. It’s 217 names long, but it’s missing one of director David Lynch’s longtime friends: Moby.

In his upcoming memoir, “Porcelain,” Moby mentions how much he loves “Twin Peaks.” In an interview with INSIDER, he dropped a little-known factoid: he signed a non-disclosure agreement that makes him unable to say whether or not he’s involved with the show’s new season.

“I signed an NDA… I’ll get fined $100,000,” Moby said. “If I am involved, it’s a small contribution.”

The very fact that he signed a non-disclosure agreement indicates that he is involved with the project.

Some fans believe that Trent Reznor might be working on the soundtrack, as the musician is a cast member, and his atmospheric, moody style would make a good fit. He’s also written soundtracks for high-profile movies like “The Social Network.”

However, Moby’s involvement with the show could indicate that he, in fact, is working on the music.

Moby and Lynch have a history of artistic collaboration. In “Porcelain,” Moby also talks about how “Twin Peaks” inspired his first hit single, “Go.” He says he was watching the show and struggling with the song, and then tried integrating parts of its soundtrack into “Go.” He ended up with “Go (Woodtick mix),” which became a top-10 single in the UK. Years later, Moby and Lynch became friends, and Lynch directed the music video for Moby’s 2009 single “Shot in the Back of the Head.” In 2014, Moby returned the favour by remixing and directing the music video for Lynch’s song “The Big Dream.”

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