Moblyng Helps Send RockYou Slideshows, YouTube Videos To Mobile Phones

Launching in beta today: Moblyng, a service that helps you look at stuff on mobile phones that your phone wouldn’t ordinarily be able to look at — like Flash-based slideshows from Slide, videos from YouTube, photo albums, other widgets, etc.

Moblyng was previously Fliptrack, which let you make photo/music slideshows, etc. Now it’s shifting focus to a service that lets you move existing slideshows from other companies to mobile phones.

How does it work? Go to Moblyng’s site, key in your MySpace (NWS) or Friendster (yeah, we know) profile, and input a few phone numbers who you’d like to send your goodies to. Moblyng’s servers convert Flash-based media — which your phone probably can’t understand — into images and videos in formats that your phone probably can understand, and then send a text message that the phone can use to boot up a mobile Web page.

Moblyng founder/CEO Stewart Putney says his service works especially well on smartphones, including Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and phones running Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Mobile. We tested it on an ageing Palm (PALM) Treo, and it worked fine, though the videos were smaller than we would have liked.

Is this service necessary? Doesn’t MySpace have its own mobile site? Yes, it does, but unless you have a tricked-out phone with Flash, you won’t be able to look at anything Flash-based, like photo and video widgets. It’s also fairly handy to have a copy of some of your photos, slideshows, and videos on your phone, which you can show people when you’re not at a computer. Overall, we think it’s a solid-looking product, but probably not something we’ll use ourselves very often.

Moblyng has raised $5.7 million in series B funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures and Deep Fork Capital.

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