Watch Out Instagram And colour: Mobli Just One-Upped You At The Photo-Sharing Game

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Israeli startup Mobli just released its first app, and it might be the best community photo-sharing app we’ve seen yet.Mobli seems to have learned a lot from the successes and failures of other photo-sharers like Instagram, Pixamid, and colour, and has refined some of the features said apps are known for.

When you take a picture or video on your iPhone, uploads are instantaneous and occur in the background.

Community pages, or channels, are automatically created based around tags you type in. Unlike Instagram, tags don’t just create a page full of pictures. They instead create a space where people can interact around a concert, sports game, or public space.

Sound like colour? It is a bit like colour, except you control how community channels get created.

Mobli community channels are based around geo-location and tags, providing users a way to choose how their photos and images get categorized. 

For example, there will be channels formed around a tag like “Yankees Game,” so you can see tons of peoples’ photos at the game you’re watching, but there might also be tags like “Roller Coasters,” which would create a channel of pictures people have submitted while riding a roller coaster.

Mobli offers slick online integration. You can access media you and others have uploaded, and interact with others online.

With Instagram, all you get is a link you can access from your computer, and this is probably the way Instagram wants to keep it.

However, we think people ultimately do want to post comments from their computers as well as their phones, and Mobli gets that. 

Click here to grab the free app from the App Store. Android and Blackberry versions are coming soon.

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