MobiTV Passes 4 Million Subscribers, Growth Steady

Mobile TV provider MobiTV has passed the 4 million subscriber mark, RCR Wireless News reports.

That’s an impressive number of subscribers, and MobiTV seems to be making real money. At $10 a month for TV service, that’s a $480 million annual run rate just from subscription fees. (Plus ad revenue, minus content costs, revenue sharing with carriers, etc.)

The good news: Growth looks steady. The company announced that it had hit the 3 million mark about six months ago, and the 2 million mark about six months before that.

The less-good news: Growth isn’t accelerating. MobiTV’s 4 million mark is for worldwide subscribers, and could include PC-only subscribers. But even if all of those 4 million subs were in the U.S. and watching TV on their mobile phones, it would still represent less than 2% of the mobile market. Which is more evidence that mobile TV — heralded for years as one of the next big things — is still a very niche service.

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