MobiTV Hits 7 Million Subscribers, iPhone Next

iphone with rabbit ears

Mobile TV provider MobiTV has passed 7 million subscribers, including growing by more than 2 million new subs in the last six months, it announced today.

Two qualifications: Some of that growth is unintentional, as subscribers sign onto bundles like Sprint Nextel’s (S) “Simply Everything” plan, which comes with MobiTV automatically. And it shows that most Americans still have no interest paying to watch TV on their phones: 7 million subscribers still represents just 3% of the overall U.S. mobile subscriber base.

But still, a nice milestone.

What’s next for MobiTV? We think the company is going to invest a lot more into Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, where, so far, it’s mostly helped power other apps, such as the CBS March Madness app. (A company rep wouldn’t comment.) But because people actually use their iPhones and watch video on them, it makes sense that MobiTV would double down there.

Two hurdles will be lifted soon: The iPhone 3.0 software, shipping this summer, includes official video streaming support and subscription billing support, which should make life easier for MobiTV.

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