MobiTV Hits 6 Million Subscribers, Growth Accelerating


Mobile TV is still a niche service in the U.S. But at least one company is on the winning end.

Mobile TV provider MobiTV said today that it’s reached 6 million subscribers for its mobile TV and radio services.

That means growth is accelerating — and pretty rapidly. It took about 2.5 months to get to 6 million subscribers from 5 million, which it announced in late December. Before that, it took about 7.5 months to get to 5 million subs from 4 million, which it announced in mid-April.

This isn’t an exact science. We assume MobiTV holds onto those milestones for PR events — like this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And some subscribers — we don’t know how many — might be getting added automatically via Sprint Nextel’s (S) all-you-can-eat “Simply Everything” plans. But it’s still a good sign that MobiTV can keep signing up new subscribers. (Still unknown: When, if ever, it will be able to turn a profit.)

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Americans still have no interest in paying for a mobile TV subscription. Just 2.1% of U.S. mobile subscribers watch programmed TV on their mobile phones, according to comScore M:Metrics.