MobileIron, A Hot Enterprise Mobile Company, Beats Earnings And Its Stock Goes Up 15% After Hours

MobileIron, the enterprise mobile management company that just went public last month, posted strong numbers in its first earnings call as a public company today.

Both EPS and revenue were better than expected, which sent the stock up about 15% in after-hour trading. EPS came in at a loss of $US0.52 (non-GAAP) versus estimates of $US0.70 loss. Revenue was $US30 million versus street estimates of $US26.84 million.

MobileIron CEO Bob Tinker says the results are a testament to the rapid growth in Mobile IT in the enterprise market.

“Mobility is becoming a full-blown computing platform,” Tinker told Business Insider. “It’s going to fundamentally disrupt the entire legacy desktop and enterprise software world.”

Tinker said mobile is no longer just about having access to email, but being able to work and manage content through mobile devices. As proof of this shift, he cited a recent survey where 55% of the respondents said they would stop using BlackBerry smartphones by year’s end. “BlackBerry is fundamentally a single-operating system that delivers email to users. Customers want more than email — they want content,” he said.

He also said the IBM/Apple partnership is only going to help his business grow. “The Apple/IBM partnership is a great thing for us. It will accelerate mobile app adoption and accelerate mobility, which is a great thing for MobileIron,” he said.

MobileIron’s Enterprise Mobility Management solution is used by more than 400 of the Forbes Global 2000 companies. GAAP revenue for this quarter is expected to be between $US31.2 million and $US33.2 million and non-GAAP revenue in between $US30.0 million and $US32 million. For the full calendar year, it expects GAAP revenue to be between $US120 million and $US130 million.

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