Selfie sticks were everywhere at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is where the world’s phone carriers and device manufacturers come together to unveil their latest products — and, it seems, take selfies.

This year we saw lots of people using selfie sticks. They’re extendable poles that you stick your phone or camera onto to take selfies. It’s a massive trend. So here’s the evidence.

Here's a busy journalist at the Samsung event with his selfie stick.

This triumphant selfie stick user was spotted at the Samsung launch event on Sunday.

And this guy was spotted at the HTC launch event.

Lots of stands at MWC were showcasing the latest in selfie stick technology.

This company was promoting its line of selfie sticks.

And this man was being taught how to use a selfie stick by a woman at the Sandisk stand. They took a demonstration selfie together.

This young couple used a selfie stick to take a loved-up photo.

There was a selfie stick sighting amongst the crowd queuing to see Mark Zuckerberg talk.

Here's Zuckerberg striding on stage next to a selfie stick.

This man was hanging out with his selfie stick outside the AOL party.

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