Mobile Wednesday With Mario: Vimeo App, Schmaps And More

Welcome to our weekly Mobile Wednesdays with Mario column.

Each Wednesday we’ll bring you articles from Small Biz Go Mobile’s Mario Armstrong – tech expert, commentator and digital lifestyle expert – featuring hot topics, products and trends in mobility and small business.

WiFi-Only iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Hotspot: Not So Odd Couple

The iPad 2 offers a 3G version that lets you tackle any web/network task without being dependent on an external wireless network or hotspot connection. Anywhere you can receive a 3G signal, your 3G iPad 2 will connect.

So if you’re mulling over which version of the iPad 2 to get: WiFi or WiFi + 3G, while you constantly call your local Apple retailer to check their stock (let me answer that for you…they don’t have any), allow me to give you a tip if you own an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3 installed – use your iPhone 4 as a wireless hotspot for your iPad 2.

Add Maps and Pictures to your Tweets with Schmaps

My favourite site is Twitter for social media business marketing – word spreads FAST, and there’s nothing like a little word of mouth wildfire to bring attention and traffic to your business or event. Many apps/services like Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla, etc. cater to local businesses in hopes they will actually start to pay attention to their social media patrons.

A cool service I found is schmaps/schnaps and it enables you to add maps and pictures to Tweets.

Vimeo for iPhone

Yesterday, Vimeo announced the launch of their official iPhone app. Preliminary tests indicate that it’s not shabby, and its especially impressive considering that this release is the first iteration of this product. The app is all things video; watching, recording, editing and even delivering video to Vimeo’s site. Although the app isn’t perfect, Vimeo for iPhone is a solid offering.