CHART OF THE DAY: Mobile Web Use Continues To Rise

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Mobile web adoption has skyrocketed over the past few years, thanks to the surge in U.S. smartphone penetration. According to Pew Research centre, 55 per cent of American mobile phone owners go online using their phones, up more than 20 percentage points from three years ago.

What’s more, the mobile web is becoming the main portal to the internet for a significant portion of users.  Pew found that 17 per cent of U.S. mobile phone owners go online mostly through their phones. Among mobile web users, 31 per cent use their phone as their primary internet connection.

The transition to mobile web will be a boon to mobile advertising, where ad spend still badly lags engagement, but it will be a rough transition because mobile eCPMs are a fraction of the desktop. Furthermore, the shift to mobile as primary web portal will be even more profound internationally, where fixed access is not as ubiquitous.     

U.S. Mobile Internet Use

Photo: Pew Research centre

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