Mobile Video Advertising Is Taking Off, As Ad Buyers Pile Billions Of Dollars Into Small-Screen Ads

FORECAST MobileAdvertisingRevenue(US)BIIMobile video isn’t a huge slice of mobile advertising, but it’s growing fast.

Mobile is growing faster than all other digital advertising mediums in the US, but one mobile format in particular is catching ad buyers’ eyes: Mobile video.


These insights are from a new BI Intelligence report on mobile advertising, which includes an exclusive forecast of the segments of the mobile ad market and how fast they will grow. These include display, video, social, and search. The report provides exclusive breakdowns on how spend on each format will grow and why, and examines the overall performance of mobile ads. It also looks at how programmatic ad-buying tools, including real-time bidding, are reshaping mobile advertising.

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Here are some of the other key takeaways:

The report is full of charts and data that can easily be downloaded and put to use in your internal and client presentations.

In full, the report:

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