Mobile, Video, And Real-Time Bidding Are Driving A Boom In Digital Advertising

The digital advertising market is evolving extraordinarily quickly.

Traditional online banner ads designed for PCs — and the legacy ad networks that support them — are being displaced by a new generation of formats and technologies.

All the significant growth is in these new areas: programmatic (automated ad trading platforms), video, and mobile advertising.

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1. Mobile will drive digital growth going forwardMobile will be largely responsible for pushing digital past TV in terms of its share of U.S. ad spending by 2017. 

2. Mobile is the fastest-growing ad medium, and will see 43% annual growth between 2013 and 2018. Display ads, search ads, and video ads appearing on mobile screens are grabbing an ever larger share of U.S.-based advertising budgets. In the chart below, mobile includes all ad formats — including video, search, and display — on mobile, as well as SMS ads. 

3. Companies that specialize in programmatic ad buying technology are driving impressive growth, and there is some industry consolidation (Example: AOL’s ownership of and Real-time bidding, or auction-style buying of impressions in the milliseconds before pages load, is the dominant form of programmatic. 

4. Video advertising is also growing quickly

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