The Breathtaking Pace of Mobile App Growth Is Just Getting Started

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OMGPOP, developer of overnight app sensation Draw Something, was acquired by Zynga for a reported ~$200 million on Wednesday. Draw Something was released in early February, had 1 million downloads after 9 days, and approximately 35 million downloads six weeks later when OMGPOP was acquired.

To give you an idea of Draw Something’s jaw-dropping growth, it took fellow app store darling Angry Birds about a year to reach 35 million downloads. The explanation is pretty simple: There was a huge jump in smartphone penetration in the past year—over 50 per cent in the U.S. alone. We believe smartphone (and tablet) sales are just getting started globally, and the pace of growth for mobile apps will only continue to increase as a result.

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Draw Something and Angry Birds Downloads

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