MOBILE SEX: Follow Your iPhone to Find the Free Fun (Oh, and the Condoms)

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. (And before I do I’ll be able to suss out where the free raincoats are with just my phone and desire.)

Maybe not the kind of “makin’ it” ole Blue Eyes was thinking about but times have changed just a bit haven’t they.

Nowadays if you want to make it in NY you can do so, almost without excuse, safely. Thanks to the Free Condom Initiative from the NY Health Department that actually started in ’71 when Frank was still crooning, the condoms distro program with slickly designed branding has ballooned to more than than three million condoms delivered every month through a growing network of over 3,000 partners.

To track these down in your time of need, just reach for the app and divine your way into a little free sex.

The NYC Condom Finder App:

– Locates and provides walking directions for the five nearest venues to your current position

– Lets you enter an alternate address for planning ahead

– Includes a helpful “dos and don’ts” for condom usage

– Provides you with information about the NYC Condom program

So no more excuses folks. Whip out your i-Device, unzip this package and start your flight to safety.

And NY? Stay sexy…

PS – Maybe you’ll also want to know “where the ladies at.”

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