Mobile Recruiting: 5 iPhone Apps For Hiring On The Go

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Note: The original version of this post appeared on OPEN Forum.

The latest trend in hiring tools seems to leaning towards the mobile variety, which offer the convenience of consolidating information and letting you view it when you’re not at your desk.

Considering Apple’s recent announcement that 3 billion iPhone apps have been downloaded and the projection that PDAs will be the main way we access the Internet by 2020, it makes sense for you to check out some of the mobile recruiting options currently available.

If you’re an iPhone-equipped employer on the go and seeking new hires, here are five apps to look into.

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The Interviewer

The Interviewer app breaks down the process of interviewing job candidates into three phases: before the interview, during the interview, and after the interview. It digs deeper into the job candidate through a variety of questions, lists of skills, and an assessment tool that determines the candidate's qualifications and their compatibility with the job and the organisation.

Price: $14.99

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AutoSearch Mobile

The Hire Syndicate

Tweetie 2

Tweetie 2 can be used by recruiters who already keep a network of followers informed of opportunities and news, but who want more features like search saving and inline web-browsing. The automatic URL shortening is a great feature for listing and re-tweeting job posts.

Price: $2.99

Purchase at the iTunes Store

Image: iTunes Store

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