Mobile Is The Only Media That Is Growing -- TV, Print, Radio Are All Shrinking

If there’s one thing we can learn from the history of media, it is this:

Money follows eyeballs.

When readers, viewers, or listeners abandon certain content for other content (change the channel) or one medium for another, advertising and subscription revenue eventually follows.

Right now, there’s a major eyeball shift going on in media: People are abandoning traditional media and turning to mobile digital media.

This chart from BI Intelligence is based on data from eMarketer and is included in our FUTURE OF DIGITAL deck. It shows the average share of media consumption by medium in the U.S. for the last several years.

As you can see, mobile is growing, and everything else is shrinking.

One key question that flows from this chart is the shift within digital — from “online” to “mobile.” But as “mobile” becomes harder and harder to define, the distinction between “desktop” and “mobile” becomes less and less relevant: Are tablets mobile? Or just smartphones? What about phablets? What about super-light laptops? What about TVs showing content streamed over WiFi from a smartphone? The broader point in the chart above, arguably, is that digital is winning and everything else is losing.

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