CHARTS: Mobile Is Driving Huge Audience Gains For Top E-Commerce Sites

The top retail site for U.S. consumers, Amazon, saw 42.9 million visitors access its site exclusively via smartphones and tablets in June, according to a comScore analysis released this week.

That means 29% of Amazon shoppers are mobile-only (Amazon’s total digital audience was 149.3 million).

When mobile visitors who also visited Amazon from desktop computers were accounted for, Amazon’s total mobile audience was greater than the desktop-only audience.

Amazon wasn’t even a leader in terms of having the largest mobile-only audience in percentage terms (as a percentage of total audience). Ticketmaster (39%) and Target (37%) were in first and second place, respectively. Best Buy was in third place, with 35% of its audience being mobile-only.

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Other e-retailers did not see the same huge lift from mobile, but for all the sites mobile turns out to be a significant driver of what appear to be incremental visits. It’s important evidence of just how important a mobile-optimised shopping experience has become.

Perhaps to capitalise on its mobile prowess, Amazon recently opened its Amazon Associates program to mobile app developers, which will allow developers to advertise and link to physical Amazon products within their apps, for a cut of the sale.

Below is a look at the mobile-only audience shares for each of the top retailers.

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