You’ll Be Surprised By Which Retailers Are Most Mobile-Centric (Hint: It’s Not Amazon Or EBay)

Everyone talks about the threat of mobile shoppers to traditional retail chains.

But there’s also a great opportunity. Bricks-and-mortar retailers like Target and Best Buy are actually pretty successful in attracting mobile audiences.

In fact, they beat Amazon in the proportion of their digital customers that only visit from phones or tablets (mobile Web and apps):

  • First place: Ticketmaster (39%)
  • Second-place: Target (37%)
  • Best Buy was in third place, with 35% of its audience being mobile-only.
  • Wal-Mart‘s mobile-only share was 33%, still better than Amazon‘s 29% and eBay‘s 24%.

However, Amazon was in first-place in terms of total visitors to its website from tablets and smartphones. The e-commerce site saw 42.9 million visitors access its site exclusively via smartphones and tablets in June, according to a recent comScore analysis.

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