Mobile Commerce Is Taking A Much Bigger Slice Of Total E-Commerce Activity

We’ve reached a tipping point in how consumers access e-commerce sites. Nearly 25% of e-commerce site visits in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2014 came from smartphones, up from approximately 18% for the whole year 2013, according to data from Custora, compiled by BI Intelligence in the chart below.

Tablet-wielding consumers are driving more traffic to e-commerce sites as well. Twelve per cent of e-commerce site traffic in the first quarter came from tablets, compared to just 9% for the year 2013.

As a result, the share of e-commerce shopping traffic from PCs has declined dramatically in recent months.

In a recent presentation by BI Intelligence, we analyse this trend in detail and outline the other ways that e-commerce and mobile commerce are disrupting the retail sector.

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In full, the presentation:

  • Includes statistics about how many retail stores will close over the next few years, and demonstrates how quickly e-commerce is growing compared to physical retail.
  • Identifies the drivers of this shift, including the ubiquity of mobile devices, new payment technology, and same-day delivery services.
  • Names the e-commerce companies that are disrupting legacy retailers, and which retail categories (clothing, furniture, food, etc.) are experiencing the most dramatic shift.

For full access to the BI Intelligence presentation as well as the full set of downloadable charts, available exclusively to subscribers, sign up for a free trial.

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