HUGE: Mobile Broadband Will Hit 1 Billion Users In 2011

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Most exciting news of the day? Mobile broadband will hit 1 billion users, says Ericsson. (Reuters) It’s pretty exciting. It’s also huge.

This is huge for several reasons:

  • It’s obviously a huge opportunity for plenty of mobile startups and services. Think of Foursquare and other mobile social networking apps, Twitter, news and more. Think of how price comparison apps are going to change retail.
  • Mobile broadband is growing faster than anything we’ve ever seen. Mobile is growing faster than the old dialup internet or broadband internet. Mobile is personal for consumers, which means adoption is faster and deeper.
  • Mobile broadband now means the full internet. Thanks to the iPhone and Android (and other mobile platforms following in their wake), the mobile internet is going to be as good as the full internet — perhaps even better, with HTML5 and apps.
  • Mobile is the future. Plenty of countries are leapfrogging the fixed internet and going full mobile. If you want to see the future of mobile and the internet, you have to read up on Africa. In many sub-Saharan African countries, but also in many other developing countries, people use mobile phones for payments, news, social networking, listings, etc. Mobile is also the future of web design. 

If you doubt mobile is going to be huge, read up on Mary Meeker’s amazing mobile report →

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