Global Mobile Ad Revenue Corresponds Closely To Platform Traffic, Apple's IOS Still Leads

The portion of ad spending going to the different mobile operating systems held steady in the third quarter of 2013 and largely reflected traffic distribution, according to the latest data from Opera Mediaworks.

  • Android captured 28% of ad revenue, closely consistent with the operating system’s share of Web traffic (31%).
  • iOS maintained a 50% share of ad spend — 5 percentage points higher than its share of Web traffic, and reflecting the largest differential between traffic and spend.
  • BlackBerry OS lost revenue share, dropping a percentage point from 5% to 4%, while traffic slipped by half a percentage point to just less than 3%.
  • Other operating systems, including Symbian and Windows, accounted for 18% of ad spend and 21% of traffic.

Click here to download the charts and data in Excel

Opera Mediaworks data is global, but it is skewed towards North America.

Android devices may be in the hands of the largest number of users, but ad revenue isn’t keeping up. Why?

iOS gets a significant boost in ad revenue share from the iPad which accounts for 9% of total traffic and 10% of revenue. By contrast, Android tablets account for 1% of traffic and less than half a per cent of ad revenue.

Also, ads are sold by impressions and performance, so spending follows trends in traffic, along with the spending habits of device users. iOS users are still spending more time and money on mobile and thus keeping the revenue share for iOS above Android. Higher spending by iOS users also helps explain why revenue share is somewhat higher than traffic share on the platform.

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