Mobile Ad Rates Jumped In The Second Quarter

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Mobile Ad Cost Per Impressions Rise In Second Quarter (MarketingCharts)
Mobile CPMs jumped 40% between March and June, according to a new study from Turn. That’s a fraction of PC video ad rates, but approximates the price for desktop display ads. However, given the variability of prices across networks and the lack of data across advertising platforms, it’s best to always take these studies with a grain of salt. Read >

Turn Global eCPM Averages in Q2 July2013


Apple To Begin Production Of iPhone 5S This Month (Business Insider)
Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reports that production will begin at the end of this month. He believes that Apple has already started production on a low-cost iPhone and will ultimately put in 50 to 55 million iPhone orders for the fourth quarter. Read > 

Is The Smartphone Upgrade Cycle Shortening? (Business Insider)
AT&T, the second-largest U.S. carrier, has introduced a plan that will allow customers to upgrade their phone once a year. With the smartphone market slowing, more frequent upgrades may be one way to expand opportunities, for both carriers and manufacturers. Read >  

New Angry Birds Games To Be Released In September (Rovio)
The latest iteration the most popular mobile game will launch September 19. Read > 

Microsoft Is Reportedly Testing A Smartwatch (The Verge)
Another big tech company, eager not to miss out on the next smartphone or tablet, barrels into the smartwatch. We are sceptical of their efforts, as we laid out in a recent reportRead >

The Disruptive Potential Of Google Glass In Mobile Payments (Payments Source)
Square, LevelUp, and other mobile payments companies may see a whole spectrum of new opportunities open up if smart eyewear like Google Glass catches on. Read >  

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