Mobile Ad Network Jumptap Hires A New CEO, George Bell

George Bell

Jumptap, one of the larger independent mobile ad networks, has named George Bell its new CEO, replacing outgoing CEO Dan Olschwang.

Bell’s job is to grow Jumptamp into a company worth buying or taking public. He has a solid mix of media, Internet, and consumer experience, but growing Jumptap will be challenging. (More on that here.)

Bell was most recently managing director of General Catalyst, a venture capital firm. Before, he was CEO of Upromise, the college savings company; and long ago he was CEO of Excite and [email protected] And earlier, he founded the Outdoor Life Network, which is now Comcast’s Versus network.

Big picture: Mobile advertising is in its infancy, and whether it turns into a sorta-big industry or a huge industry, Jumptap is one of the early players that’s still independent. (Google bought AdMob last year for $750 million, and Apple bought Quattro Wireless for $275 million.)

It will be a big challenge to compete with Google’s scale and Apple’s technology, but mobile advertising is still anyone’s game, and there’s plenty of room for innovation. (Most of today’s mobile ads are terrible.) Can Bell make the right moves?

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