Mobil Is Coming Back To Australia After A Four-Year Break

Taina Sohlman,

ExxonMobil is bringing its Mobil petrol brand back to Australia, four years after selling its retail assets to 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven has exclusively sold ExxonMobil fuel in Australia since 2012, without the Mobil branding.

Today’s agreement spans ten years and will see Mobil branding rolled out across 7-Elevens 400-plus petrol stations on Australia’s east coast throughout this year. Financial terms were not disclosed.

An ExxonMobil spokesperson said it had no plans to launch new service stations in Australia outside of the 7-Eleven branding deal.

ExxonMobil sold its 295 retail service stations to 7-Eleven in early 2010, after an earlier proposal to sell the retail assets to Caltex fell through.

Today’s announcement comes after reports that BP, Shell and perhaps even Chevron are considering selling their Australian refineries and petrol stations to free up capital.

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