This Is The Most Hardcore Pocket Knife We've Ever Seen

This is the Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe from

Why We Love It: Normal pocket knives can’t compare to this Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe. It comes with a saw, wrench, can opener, file, hammer, wire cutter, pliers, two pairs of knives, screwdriver, and (of course) an axe — all in one single tool.

The handle is hand-made from red oak, and the Mo-Tool comes with a belt pouch for easy storing or carrying. Though it’s not a replacement for your everyday tool box, it is the perfect option to have in a pinch, and to take with you camping or on-the-go.

Photo: ThinkGeek


Photo: ThinkGeek

Where To Buy: Available through

Cost: $29.99.

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