The Most Hardcore Fans In Major League Baseball

Baseball teams gain strong allegiances from their hometown fans. But some teams’ fans are just more hardcore than the rest., a site that allows people to buy and sell tickets to sports and music events, created an exclusive list of the most devoted Major League Baseball fans.

They used several key factors to calculate the most devoted fans, including average total attendance, average home attendance, average home game ticket price, per cent capacity for home games, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers. This generated a score for each team between one and 100.

Not surprisingly, the San Francisco Giants, last year’s World Series winner, came out on top. And major markets like New York and L.A. also dominate the standings.

#13 Atlanta Braves

Overall score: 74.77

Average home attendance: 32,778 (65.9% full)

Average ticket price: $US26

Cruising atop the NL East standings, Braves fans rank with their peers in St. Louis for knowledge and appreciation for the game. The team is very well loved on social media, with 1,337,893 Facebook likes and almost 372,000 Twitter followers.

Stacked with young talent, the Braves are one of the game's top contenders.

#12 Colorado Rockies

Overall score: 74.97

Average home attendance: 34,896 (69.1% full)

Average ticket price: $US26

The Rockies have fallen out of contention, but they still have two of baseball's best players in outfielder Carlos Gonzalez and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. The home at Coors Field is one of the more fan-friendly parks in baseball.

#11 Cincinnati Reds

Overall score: 75.12

Average home attendance: 31,777 (75.1% full)

Average ticket price: $US25

Without the national fanfare of other contenders, the Reds are one of the most well-built teams in baseball. Behind the force of homegrown talent like Jay Bruce and Joey Votto, the Reds look like a lock for at least a Wild Card birth.

#10 Los Angeles Angels

Overall score: 76.57

Average home attendance: 37,254 (82.1% full)

Average ticket price: $US16

Their losing record is not for a lack of big-time names. Free agent signees Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton have performed well below expectations, but at least fans can watch phenom Mike Trout ooze talent every time they go to the ballpark.

#9 Chicago Cubs

Overall score: 78.81

Average home attendance: 33,000 (80.2% full)

Average ticket price: $US30

In year two of full rebuild mode, the Cubs remain years away from serious contention, but when has that ever hurt attendance? Fans remain loyal despite the team's record, as the team has almost 265,000 followers on Twitter and over 1.7 million Facebook likes. Besides, watching the Loveable Losers from the Wrigley bleachers is an experience unlike any other in baseball.

#8 Detroit Tigers

Overall score: 82.59

Average home attendance: 37,297 (90.4% full)

Average ticket price: $US22

Staff ace Justin Verlander won the Cy Young and AL MVP in 2011. Miguel Cabrera bashed his way to baseball's first Triple Crown since 1967 and earned the 2012 AL MVP for his troubles. Add larger than life first baseman Prince Fielder to the mix and you have baseball's coolest roster.

#7 Texas Rangers

Overall score: 87.42

Average home attendance: 39,326 (80% full)

Average ticket price: $US37

Back-to-back trips to the World Series in 2010 and 2011 made the club a marquee franchise. Unfortunately, both trips ended poorly. Texas remains one of the most talented clubs in baseball and will push for a fourth straight playoff appearance this year. Fans remain devoted, as the team has over 1.5 million Facebook likes and over 302,000 Twitter followers.

#6 Philadelphia Phillies

Overall score: 90.66

Average home attendance: 38,797 (88.9% full)

Average ticket price: $US35

With one of the game's more aggressive general managers in Ruben Amaro, the Phillies assembled a roster of big names. Injuries and underwhelming performances marred what was once considered baseball's most stacked team, but they still draw a crowd.

#5 Boston Red Sox

Overall score: 91.88

Average home attendance: 34,261 (92.4% full)

Average ticket price: $US45

The end of the Curse of The Bambino certainly helped, but the Boston fan base has always been strong. Hence its ridiculously strong social media following; the team has over 3.8 million Facebook likes, over 509,000 Twitter followers, and over 107,000 people talking about the team on Facebook. With a lineup full of stars, the Sox are an easy choice for national broadcasts.

#4 St. Louis Cardinals

Overall score: 93.40

Average home attendance: 42,259 (96.1% full)

Average ticket price: $US32

Often considered to have the best fan base in baseball (the stadium is an incredible 96% full for home games), the Cardinals are a model franchise, presenting a contending team year after year. Their 11 World Series championships are the second most in history.

#3 Los Angeles Dodgers

Overall score: 95.51

Average home attendance: 44,776 (80% full)

Average ticket price: $US16

Baseball is enjoying a renaissance in L.A. Puig-mania, astronomic TV contracts, headline grabbing trades and a new ownership fronted by Magic Johnson have revived a once fashionable team. Today the team has the highest average overall attendance for both home and away games, with over 40,000 fans at each game.

#2 New York Yankees

Overall score: 99.12

Average home attendance: 39,977 (79.5% full)

Average ticket price: $US30

The marquee franchise of the sport has over six million likes on Facebook and nearly one million Twitter followers -- the highest following on social media of any other team on this list.

Their brand impact is greater than any other baseball club. It's just cool to be a Yankees fan.

#1 San Francisco Giants

Overall score: 100

Average home attendance: 41,667 (99.4% full)

Average ticket price: $US39

It helps to attract fans when you win two of the last three World Series, but the San Francisco Giants have far and away the most devoted fans, with a perfect score of 100. The stadium is over 99% full for home games even though ticket prices are high at $US39 on average. And the team has a huge social media following with over 1.7 million Facebook likes and over 449,000 Twitter followers.

Led by catcher Buster Posey, the 26-year-old reigning NL MVP, the Giants are in the NL West basement this season, but support remains strong.

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