MLB's At Bat 11 Launches, Shoots Up The App Store Charts

MLB At Bat for iPad

Major League Baseball’s excellent “At Bat” app for iOS launched today, and it’s quickly been shooting up the App Store sales charts.

The app will feature a free MLB.TV live streaming preview with 150 Spring Training games. After that, you must be a paid MLB.TV member to stream all the live games. (Some free “game of the day” streams may be available as in previous years.)

This year, At Bat also lets you pick your favourite team to act as your app homepage, a nice new feature.

The app is already successful.

The iPhone version is currently the no. 6 top paid app overall — very impressive for a $15 app! — and it is the no. 1 top-grossing iPhone app.

The iPad version (another $15 if you want both; that’s how MLB gets you) is the no. 5 paid app overall, and is also the no. 1 top-grossing iPad app.

(Though a second ago, “The Daily” was the top grossing iPad app. It’s now no. 2. Didn’t everyone say that no one would buy “The Daily”?)

Either way, another hit for MLB.

Now the question is whether MLB.TV streaming will become available on the Apple TV this year.

You can already stream Netflix movies to Apple TV. And MLB has long been one of Apple’s preferred partners, so it makes sense that they’d work together. This could either be done through a special software update from Apple, or if Apple creates an Apple TV App Store and MLB makes another version of At Bat. We’ll see.

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