MLB Apologized For Its Massive Internet Screw-Up By Asking For More Of Your Money failure


On Friday night, the first night back from the All-Star break, baseball fans were unable to watch a large portion of games through, the popular service that allows fans to stream out-of-town games through the internet.But while that was enough to anger baseball fans that depend on the service to see their favourite teams, it was the “apology” that has a lot of fans shaking their head.

When fans tried to log on to the service, they were greeted with an image like the one at right, a sight that lasted for over two hours in some cases.

On Saturday, sent an email to subscribers saying the service experienced a “massive internal hardware failure.” And by way of apology, they are offering subscribers a 40% discount to the shop.

Yes, that’s correct. Their “apology” is to have you give them more money.

Sure, this is nice for those people that were planning on purchasing an already overpriced $214 jersey. But for the rest of the fans, the discount will either go unused, or they will end up spending money they had no intention of spending in the first place.

And now, a lot of fans are feeling like it is just Major League Baseball being Major League Baseball, only this time they screwed up and screwed the fans at the same time.

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