MLB Turning On HD Streaming, DVR For Today's U.S.-Canada Game


Major League Baseball is turning on its high-def video feed for today’s U.S.-Canada World Baseball Classic game, which starts at 2:00 p.m. ET. (Access it here. Subscription required.)

This means that MLB.TV subscribers will be able to watch the game in HD, widescreen Flash video. They’ll also be able to pause and rewind the game via MLB’s DVR feature. Both features require MLB’s new NexDef plugin, which your browser can install with two clicks.

We watched a few minutes of last night’s China-Chinese Taipei game using the highest-resolution feed, and even on our two-year-old Apple (AAPL) Mac mini, it was breathtaking — especially in fullscreen on our 24-inch display. Much better than standard-def TV, and probably the highest quality live sports stream we’ve ever seen on a computer.

This is the latest step in launching’s new MLB.TV player, which is in public beta testing before baseball’s regular season begins in early April. Over the next few weeks, plans to offer some free Spring Training games in the new player to non-subscribers.

What’s new? This is the first year MLB is using Adobe’s (ADBE) Flash for its live games, for instance — previously, the league used Microsoft (MSFT) video products. And it’s adding new features like HD, DVR, and more audio feeds for the first time.

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